2021: Summer’s mess

Here is the list of what happened with me and my family in chronological order:

  • We went to Turkey on vacation
  • I got COVID
  • We found out we will be parents again

Every great story consists of 3 parts such as opening, main action, and ending. The same way, my today’s story started from the vacation.


I was a bit tired before the vacation. Don’t want to complain at all, but I felt something weird. Because I started treatment with braces about a year ago, in July I still can’t taste food as usual. Also, I had a lot of work accompanied with in-house courses, and English classes. Together those things made me unhappy.

The trip we’ve chosen was quite cheap because we wanted to go together with our relatives, so it was an “affordable” one, not a high-quality one. Since it was the end of July, the weather in Turkey was quite hot, about 36+ degrees Celsius.

Main action

I don’t know exactly, but everything I mentioned above might be the cause of decreased immunity, so in the last day of the vacation I felt weakness. Later I was diagnosed with COVID.

For which of you who doesn’t experienced COVID, the decease even in the light form might be heavy. As a result, it may turn an optimistic person into a pessimistic one. And that was my case. Fortunately, there were few days of high body temperature (up to 39 degrees Celsius).

We can consider a decease from different angles but I believe the right one is to consider it as a sign for paying attention. I’m not a huge fan of esoteric but I’m pretty sure, it was a sign. The sign that I made my life too tough and it’s harmful for me and, as a consequence, to my family.

When I recovered after the decease, I decided to take it easy and do that’s requirement, remove redundant stuff, and do something for fun (what I’ve denied myself for a long time).

Ending / the Fresh Start

It didn’t take me long to understand that the course I’ve chosen was right. While I no longer felt weak after illness, ceasing redundant things made my life even better. As a surprise the ability to taste food as before returned back.

It brought me more energy to spend the evenings and weekends with my wife and daughter.

And last but not least, we had a great news we haven’t noticed before. We’ll be parents for the second time! Little David, we’re looking forward to meeting you!

Little David, the 3rd of September 2021


Don’t be afraid to acknowledge that something is wrong with you. Be self-compassionate. Get rid of everything that prevents you from being truly happy. Good luck!

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