Even a newborn can teach

The world is full of choices. Having a baby is also a choice for every couple. The choice is connected with the uncertainty of what will be when a baby will come. I hope that the post will help you to find the right answers.

A child knows better

On the 29th of April 2020, our baby girl 👧 has born. We called her Bogdana which literally means that she was “given by God”. She was born two weeks earlier we planned. So, the first lesson we had is a child knows better what is more suitable for them. In particular, when a better time to be born. Therefore, you should be prepared in advance is a great option.

We have done the vast majority of preparations before a child’s birth. It included reading books about pregnancy and bringing home everything we needed for a child. So, when the moment had come we just grabbed a bag and rode to a hospital.

No doubt, your wife deserves huge support from you 🤗. Be ready to learn a lot about pregnancy to help her relieve her fears about the process of childbirth. You won’t have an opportunity to help because the ball is in her court.

A new language

The wise nature made everything to help your baby talk to you from the first days of their life. You just need to recognize the baby’s language. It’s not easy but be patient and you will learn the language quite fast. Experienced friends and pediatricians will help you as well. The second lesson is a baby knows what they need at the moment and they do their best to explain it. So, crying is not for disturbing you but for explaining to you that you should try doing something else.

An unconditional love

I was surprised by the feeling of unconditional love I have felt for the first time. It’s a miracle to hold a baby in your arms and to see traits of you and your spouse in a baby. It’s impossible to understand by the mind, it can only be felt. Even when you need to wash your baby early in the morning after the sleepless night, it’s not too hard once you’re looking at your lovely child 🧒. The third lesson is love will help you be patient even when you exhausted. But don’t forget to manage to sleep because a child should rather see happy parents than tired.

A better time management

A child has their own opinion and wishes. They are likely to be different from your ones. So when you plan to start an activity be ready to stop it and change your priorities. Knowing of this learns to choose the simplest options, to cut unnecessary activities, to divide long activities into small steps. The fourth lesson is the less free time you have, the most precious it will be. Considering this, you might be more effective. For instance, I try to consume less time cooking while keeping the taste of food. An option is to chop ingredients in advance and cook them in the next portion of the time.

Continuous self-improvement

Thinking in the way of being a parent is also a great motivation to develop yourself. You should be an example for your child, so reading books 📚, learning new cool things 👨‍🍳, and having exercises 🧗‍♂️ are not boring at all anymore. Knowing that your child will be proud of you will help you keep going and become better day by day. The fifth lesson is becoming better for your child it’s a pleasure.

As a conclusion

There will be moments when your child’s opinion will be different from yours. Be ready to understand your child’s opinion. Consider whether it will be better for your comfort or it will be better for your child if you decide to decline to do as your child asked. Even newborns have their own opinions, so we should consider them. No lesson here, be wise.

Bogdana is sticking her tongue out at me 😛

Love your children, keep them safe, and be happy! ❤️


  1. Hi Timur, I came to find you because I saw a news story the other day originating in Perm, and that made me think of you.

    First, wow, congrats! 😀 I don’t think I knew you were going to be a father when we last spoke. I’m so happy for you <3 And a new apartment also. Amazing! Keep safe and healthy

    1. Hey Kat! It’s interesting to know a bit more about the news story you’ve mentioned 😄.
      Thanks, I’m glad that our being of parents makes you happy. It’s pretty safe in Kazan at the moment. I hope that the place where you live now is safe too.
      It’s so nice to get your message.

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