How we bought an apartment before the pandemic

Everyone knows what is COVID-19 and its aftermath in the world. Today’s story is about how we luckily have bought an apartment of dreams before the lockdown.

A dream

1 year before COVID-19, in December 2018, when Daria and I were in Vienna, Austria, we were charmed by the city and its high standard of living. We started dreaming about moving from the city we used to live permanently in Russia to a more beautiful place.

Those days I dreamed about L.A. where I used to live for about a year. Daria thought that we conversely shouldn’t leave Russia because it’s nice to be close to extended family. The necessity of starting from the beginning in a new place because of the new language and different mentality was the second cause of not leaving the country. No doubt, there is no ideal country.

All people could be divided into two groups. The first group thinks thoroughly before making a decision. The second one, instead, does spontaneous decisions. My wife and I belong to the second group. E.g our month-long trip to Baku, Azerbaijan was the same thing. Back in December 2018, Daria and I spontaneously decided that Kazan will be the best place to leave in Russia. Only after this decision, we checked against apartment prices, and so on.

Kazan – Kul Sharif Mosque by Daniil Silantev on Unsplash

By the way, in 2019 we still had been living in Perm because we had plenty of things to do, so we can’t afford to move that year. So, we stopped renovation in our former apartment and started selling it.

The pile of boxes

In February 2020 we sold our apartment. We prepared all the things to move to Kazan and create a huge pile of boxes.

Perm, Russia – Cat’s face: “Do we really gotta go?”

The photo above was made on the 17th of February, 2020. That day there were only 822 cases of COVID-19 outside of China, so we were thinking that disease somewhere far far away.

On the 3rd of March, we were in Kazan with our cat and all the boxes.

A piece of cake

Daria’s Apple Charlotte cake

We had money from selling a former apartment and an approved mortgage. The only thing to do was to find an apartment. But it was the easiest thing in all the process of moving to another city.

There were days when we visited for 4 apartments per evening. It was quite tough to ask people the same questions and tried to keep all in mind. Those days we saw 13 apartments for about 6 days (excluding weekends).

Even when you’ve asked a merchant everything you can ever think about, there is no confidence that this is an apartment you really want to live in ’cause there is also no ideal apartment. The only thing you can rely on once you haven’t enough knowledge is your gut feeling. I felt that the last apartment is ours.

One day before the pandemic

It was a race against time to get everything ready for buying. Our bank manager asked to hurry up because banks tend to increase mortgage rates because of the pandemic. We have prepared all the required documents extremely fast and signed the agreement on 03/20/2020 (a nice date, isn’t it?). Then we went registering the agreement in the Federal Service for State Registration (cadastre and cartography).

The culmination of real estate purchasing or selling (at least in Russia) is having your agreement registered. Thus, we got a registered copy of our agreement the last day before offices were officially closed. Phew!


In connection with the tightening of measures to contain coronavirus and the introduction of a regime of self-isolation in the republic, the IFC of Tatarstan has suspended work from April 1 until a special order of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Tower of Hanoi

The activity I had from February to April can be called as Tower of Hanoi:

An animated solution from Wikipedia

Now the thought of what was done makes me smile. The pile of boxes made a way of 4 movements. 2 of them were between 3 apartments in Perm. Then was a road to temporary storage in Kazan. And, finally, the last route to the final destination. Some times a mover helped me to move those boxes to the truck. But the last time I used my bare hands. That was tough but it’s worth doing it.

As a conclusion

If you desire something strongly, it will surely happen. Dream big, work hard, and trust your gut feelings!

See you next time!

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